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Real Estate Development

The holistic approach of Preservation Services, Inc.  is uniquely suited to master planning for development and redevelopment of existing historic and “green sites.” Our lengthy experience, broad expertise and grounding in all the appropriate disciplines enables us to anticipate, plan for, and then address the full spectrum of development issues as the project advances in a smooth, efficient and seamless manner. The result conserves time, costs and goodwill, and makes for an optimal outcome.


PSI advisory services allow clients to model with “what-if” scenarios in a variety of disciplines – from pre-development imaging; structural analysis, conceptual site plans to conceptual financial spreadsheets and budgeting. In this way, the potential characteristics, financial ramifications or environmental impact of a particular approach, alteration addition, or even an entire project can be predicted and determined accurately.

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Real Estate Development Consulting

  • Executive Summary for Redevelopment Reports

  • Limiting Conditions  Report to Redevelopment

  • Site Analysis including: Existing conditions, proposed and as-built site plan

  • Environmental site assessment  -Phase I, II and III environmental testing

  • Property title search

  • Land Use Analysis –zoning/planning issues

  • Preliminary Building Structural Review and Condition Assessment

  • Market or feasibility study on specific reuses

  • Specific redevelopment programs integrating land use decisions including zoning and planning.

  • Schematic and Construction grade architectural and engineering plans for new use; structural and mechanical analysis for new use; code compliance and the initial permitting coordination

  • Redevelopment financing tools including 20% Investment Tax Credit for certified historic rehabilitation

  • Special studies like traffic, cultural resource assessments

  • Environmental Impact Statement/Reports, MEPA reviews, etc.

  • Construction Manager, Clerk of the Work and Owner's Representative

  • Property management, Life-cycle Analysis and Maintenance systems

  • Expert Witness Testimony

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